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The art of living

"Lebensart" is style and pleasure for the elite

High-End functional buildings

Most sophisticated techniques to support residents, with invisible, automatic and easy-to handle functions, bringing you health, security, automation and global multimedia. German engineering, integrating the world-beating products to fulfill your dreams at the place where you spend most of your live, in your home or office.

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Luxury, the art of living for the elite

Is not for everybody, only for the most elitist buildings – for residents with "Lebensart" who appreciate style, design and functionality. We create pleasure by our invisible technology, designed for your specific needs. More functions for more health, more comfort, less stress, less energy, less electro-magnetic disturbance

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Since 1996, our German engineering has been steering and developing high-end electronic systems for luxury cars, home appliance, energy systems and building technologies for the most famous names. You might be our testimony, riding a luxury car, living in an expensive home... or you are using at least one or two of our components. Discreetness forbids to name customers. Talk to us and we'll bring a testimony fitting your specific concern.

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